Absolute Kiddie Kickers

Absolute ‘Kiddie Kickers’ is our program for children aged under 7. The program is soccer based in that we use a soccer ball throughout the sessions but there are benefits from taking part in the program for non soccer playing kids also. Soccer playing kids will develop their skills and confidence during the program where as for others it may be more about developing hand eye coordination, balance, agility or social skills
With Kiddie Kickers we ensure the environment is one in which children feel relaxed and safe as we believe this is when children learn and develop to their full potential. The sessions are challenging but FUN, and encourage children to grow and build trust in themselves, their team mates and their Coach.
At Absolute Soccer, our Coaches firmly believe in this approach to individual child development and we never under-estimate the importance of the impact we play as role models. The coaches we use for our Kiddie Kickers program are selected because of their ability to engage with this particular age group as we recognise that not all coaches can do this.
We foster the need for a caring and encouraging approach as we nurture your children through their early development whilst the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle are actively encouraged.

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